Asphalt Paving & Permaflex

A Full-Service Paving Company

With our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, we have the expertise to manage all the site work needs for your project – from ground breaking to finish paving, your project will run smooth and efficiently.

We pave parking lots, seal and repair asphalt.

Among our many diverse services we can grade and gravel your lot, pave, sealcoat, stripe, fill pot holes, replace sidewalks, pave dumpster pads, install parking bumpers, and speed bumps. We also leave the area clean and free from debris.

A&A provides a diverse range of asphalt paving applications for commercial and private customers, including road rehabilitations, new roads, parking lots, driveways and more.

With our “no job too big – no job too small” philosophy, we bring our professional standards of application to each project. Our commercial work generally falls into one of the following three categories:

Permaflex Paving - State of the Art and Economical!

Perma Flex is a state of the art asphalt paving system that we use to make paving repairs on large asphalt areas more economically than the standard asphalt patch method.

As the graphic shows, asphaltic cement, graded AC coated stone, and asphaltic concrete are applied over existing broken pavement. The asphalt cement helps hold the broken asphalt together and cements to prevent movement as well as prevent cracks from reflecting into the asphalt topping. The asphalt topping then bonds the whole system together, adds structural strength, and provides a smooth riding or walking surface.

The bottom line is that this repair will last a very long time.

New Asphalt Paving

  • Complete necessary grading and compact sub-grade
  • Apply stone base as required and roll to proper compaction
  • Apply binder asphalt if required and roll to proper compaction
  • Apply type “F” hot asphalt topping and roll to proper compaction with a smooth finish

*Specifications will vary depending on project.

Resurfacing Existing Asphalt

  • Clean existing asphalt area thoroughly
  • Apply a hot liquid tack coat
  • Apply type “F” hot asphalt topping and roll to proper compaction with a smooth finish

Repairing Failed or Damaged Asphalt

  • Sawcut area and remove debris
  • Apply a hot liquid tack coat to straight cut edges
  • Apply necessary stone base and compact
  • Apply 2″ type “F” hot asphalt topping and roll to proper compaction with a smooth finish

Permaflex Application

  • Entire area should first be cleaned with a power broom or blower.
  • Potholes and depressions should be patched and/or filled with asphalt.
  • Apply approximately one (1) inch of hot PermaFlex asphalt (#67 or #7 stone that has been heated and coated with AC – 20 hot liquid asphalt) within 0.5 to 1.0 foot of curbs with a self-propelled asphalt spreader.
  • PermaFlex course should be rolled with a 6 to 10 ton steel wheel roller until sufficient compaction has been obtained.
  • Machine apply one (1) inch of hot plant mix type F or G asphaltic concrete over Perma Flex areas and feather all edges to perimeter.
  • Compact topping course with 6 to 10 ton or equivalent steel wheel roller for proper compaction.
  • Clean newly paved areas free of any debris and haul off jobsite.