Residential Asphalt Paving Services

Providing the Highest Quality Asphalt Services

With our “no job too big – no job too small” philosophy, we bring our professional standards of application to each project. Our residential work generally entails resurfacing existing asphalt or repairing a surface which has failed or is damaged.

If you’re looking for a trusted concrete and paving contractor for the best in roads, concrete, and other paved surfaces, then contact us today. Whether you need new asphalt or need to repair and revive your current asphalt, we will work with you to put together the perfect plan, based on your budget and timeframe. A & A Asphalt Paving experts will meet with you on-site, listen to your ideas and concerns, and answer any questions you may have about your project.

Our Asphalt Resurfacing Process

Resurfacing is generally a three step process and can be accomplished very quickly.

  • Clean existing asphalt area thoroughly
  • Apply a hot liquid tack coat
  • Apply type “F” hot asphalt topping and compact to a smooth finish

If we are to repair a ‘failed’ or damaged asphalt surface there are some additional steps, none of which slow down the process.

  • Sawcut area and remove debris
  • Apply a hot liquid tack coat to straight cut edges
  • Apply necessary stone base and compact
  • Apply 2″ type “F” hot asphalt topping and compact to a smooth finish

Most of our resurface and repair work can be completed in the same day. Call us at 770-427-4271 for a free consultation and estimate for all your paving and concrete needs. At the end of the day, we remember that your driveway area is the most important outside feature of your home.

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