Recently, we worked with the City of Atlanta and the Fast and Furious 7 production team to level the intersection of Pryor Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Atlanta. This leveling was needed to create a safe platform for a stunt included in the movie. “It is always fantastic when a film production calls on you to perform work on their live sets. But to be asked for the second time for a franchise movie like Fast & Furious is extra special,” said David Wine, owner of A&A Asphalt. We are all excited to see our work on the big screen.

The action packed thriller is set to release in the summer of 2014. Among the many acting stars include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker (who tragically died in a car accident Nov. 2013), Lucus Black, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Jordana Brewster, and Kurt Russell.

Filming began here in Georgia in September of 2013 and after the tragic death of Paul Walker, the storyline was revised in which his character Brian O’Conner retired.

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